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John Costello UQ Scholarship

Posted on 15 October 2023
John Costello UQ Scholarship

John Costello UQ Scholarship

Written by Dominica Costello, John's youngest daughter and founding board member of Kids on the Border

Education is the way out of poverty’. My dad instilled this in our family from a very young age.

I can proudly say he only had to do one of my assignments growing up, it was accounting, safe to say we passed. He came from humble beginnings, inherited the vision from his own mother who washed the clothes of the boarder students to fund his education.

Dad finished his university degree at UQ in 1975 even amidst interruption being sent to fight for our country in the Vietnam war. On his return he met my mum who then quietly sat next to him as he studied for his final exams. Unknowing to us, Dad had set up a scholarship at his high school to give other people the opportunity to be educated.

Our family has now created the John Costello UQ Scholarship fund. Where each year a child from our local Tweed/ Coolangatta area can further their education. We aim to raise $50,000 with the help of @kidsontheborderfoundation and once we do, UQ will match dollar for dollar and this scholarship will continue on for our local kids forever more.

If you knew dad, or ‘Cossie’ as he was known by his mates, he was destined to find the end of the internet and every dollar donated will be one mouse click closer to continuing his mission!

You can donate via the link below.